Full-Day Preschool Increases School Readiness And Attendance



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B-ROLL Teacher and students in classroom THIS ISN’T YOUR AVERAGE PRESCHOOL. THIS IS A CHILD PARENT CENTER PRESCHOOL. NATSO/FULL Runs:02 “…Zion had her thinking finger to her brain…” B-ROLL Children sitting on floor in classroom CLASSES ARE SMALLER, PARENTS ARE MORE INVOLVED AND THE LEARNING EXPERIENCES FOR THESE 3 AND 4 YEAR-OLDS ARE A BLEND OF TEACHER DIRECTED AND CHILD INITIATED SUBJECTS. SOT/FULL Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D., - University of Minnesota Super @:15 Runs:11 (Video covering middle of bite: teacher talking to student at table) “There’s a lot of play, there’s a lot of outdoor activities, children, go on field trips. They get choices during the day, about what they do and so there’s really a mixing of different kinds of instruction.” B-ROLL Dr. Reynolds walking into school building, teacher talking with students at table, pan from children to teacher, teacher back at table with kids DR. ARTHUR REYNOLDS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA AND CO-AUTHORS EXAMINED 11 CHILD PARENT CENTER PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS IN CHICAGO. ALMOST A THOUSAND CHILDREN FROM LOW-INCOME FAMILIES PARTICIPATED IN EITHER FULL OR PART-DAY PRESCHOOL DURING THE 2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR. RESEARCHERS LOOKED AT WHETHER THE FULL-DAY PROGRAM WAS ASSOCIATED WITH HIGHER LEVELS OF SCHOOL READINESS SKILLS INCLUDING LANGUAGE, MATH, LITERACY AND SOCIO-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. THEY ALSO COMPARED ATTENDANCE RATES AND LOOKED AT WHETHER CHRONIC ABSENCES IMPROVED IN THE FULL-DAY PROGRAM. SOT/FULL Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D., - University of Minnesota Super@:58 Runs:16 “Children in full-day preschool were significantly more likely to show stronger gains in both socio-emotional development and in language and literacy skills and also in math skills than children in part-day.” GXF FULL JAMA COVER THE STUDY APPEARS IN JAMA, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. SOT/FULL Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D., - University of Minnesota Super@1:16 Runs:08 (Video covering end of bite: children waving their arms in classroom) “Children in full-day were much more likely to be regularly attending programs. So their average attendance rate was at least 5 points higher.” B-ROLL B-ROLL Children waving their hands, children on floor CHRONIC ABSENCES ALSO IMPROVED FOR THE FULL DAY PRE-SCHOOLERS. TEACHERS SAY THERE IS A GREATER OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE AN IMPACT IN A FULL-DAY SETTING. SOT/FULL Tameka Wells - CPC Preschool Teacher Super@1:34 Runs:10 (Video covering middle of bite: children raising their hands) “With the full day program, there’s more I can input in the classroom, there’s more I can teach them that gets them ready for kindergarten and first grade compared to the half-day program.” SOT/FULL Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D., - University of Minnesota Super@1:42 Runs:13 (Video Children and teachers interacting) “We don’t have to wait till the elementary grades to increase learning time. By offering full-day preschool you’re more than doubling the amount of learning time that goes on during the day. We found that provides a strong framework for school success.” B-ROLL Children and teachers interacting CATHERINE DOLF, THE JAMA REPORT.
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